Strawberry picking and our weekend getaway

Last weekend, my husband and my best friend surprised me on a pretty amazing (and can I say, MUCH NEEDED) weekend getaway. It was a way to celebrate both my best friends birthday and my birthday (our birthdays were last week) and catch up on some girl time, family time and craft time.

Friday morning, my husband and I packed up our bags, the baby girl and we headed out towards Fairview, Texas. The drive down was beautiful, the highways were covered in blue bonnets, and as we made our way to the middle of nowhere, I was taken back by the beautiful little ranch house that awaited us. It belongs to "granny" my best friends grandma, and I was so delighted and thankful to her family for letting us "borrow" the house for the weekend.

We laughed, we ate, we crafted, we fished, we laughed some more, and above all else, we rested and enjoyed just being there, together and life's beautiful little pleasures. I wanted to share some of our photographs from that weekend. My favorite part was when headed out to the strawberries fields... nothing is sweeter than a strawberry picked with your own hands. What a treat!

There is no one in the world I could have imagined spending such an incredible weekend with than these special people in my life. Thank you guys for such an amazing weekend... I can't wait to go back.


Feeling lost... and how I found my way back.  
Sometimes I day dream about what life could be like without deadlines, assignments, work and chaos. I imagine a peaceful life drinking sweet tea (preferably crystal light), while rocking away in my back yard next to the love of my life, listening to the beautiful sound of my daughter's giggle. Sounds good, no? 

Then I snap out of it and realize that if that was my life, I would eventually not appreciate that kind of life as much as I do now. You see, life is messy and crazy but that's OK. There is a sort of twisted beauty to it. We can't go against the current, we might as well drift alongside it and enjoy the ride. When we do, we learn to appreciate the little moments so much more. 

This is something I have learned whole heatedly in the last few months. My life has been crazy...chaotic... stressful... and down right messy. I got lost in all of those emotions. I felt like I had no time to do anything that I "needed" to do to feel like myself. There is a difference between wants and needs, sure you want things because you feel that they in some way will benefit you, but then there are those things you "need" to be yourself ... to live. 

I found myself feeling like I couldn't come across this blog anymore because I just didn't have the time, and it hurt to think about how I could only have a temporary love affair with this platform (writing/blogging). How could I just write some days, and not the others? What was the purpose? Then one day, it just clicked. "If you do something out of duty, it will deplete you. But if you do something out of love, it will energize you."

I took this into all aspects of my life. I realized that the solution to my problem was not just existing and doing what I felt needed to be done, but to find joy in the everyday and to do things out of love. 
Instead of looking at the glass half empty, I needed to start looking at the glass half full. Instead of freaking out about how much work was/is ahead of me, I'd jump for joy in how far I've come. So what if I haven't accomplished all that I have set to accomplish this year... at least I put myself out there...I found time to read a book, learned to sew and found time to re-kindle friendships.Those are things I am proud of, things I love.

So... here I am writing today... not out of duty but out of love, because I truly missed this. I truly missed us. So what's the plan? Well.. this blog is about my bella vida... my beautiful life... so that's what I'm going to share. What's on my heart, on my mind... and the things that come out of this crazy mouth. I hope that you guys stick around... who knows what I... or better yet.. we, will be up too. Until next time...